Garage Door Torsion Spring

Every garage door uses extension or torsion springs. These items are important for the garage door to operate properly. A torsion spring is a metallic rod with a coil wrapped tightly around it. The coils can retract and expand while staying aligned with the rod. This allows your garage door to have a counter balance when it is raised and lowered. Sometimes these parts wear out. We offer expert care for the extension and garage door torsion spring in Surrey.Garage Door Torsion Spring Surrey

We believe in a high level of commitment to our customers. At Surrey Garage Door Repair, we are customer care experts. Our garage door techs have many years of experience. They have all the skills needed to be precise and reliable. Best of all, we offer great pricing on all of our torsion and extension springs services.

Our Torsion Spring Repair Services

If your spring is damaged, we can provide torsion spring repair. This is the easier way to go but not all springs can be repaired. There are times when a torsion spring is beyond help. We will replace or repair your springs the same day you call.

When damage is too great to the torsion springs, we offer quality garage door torsion spring replacement. This service will ensure your garage door works properly again. Our technicians do a great job with torsion spring replacement. They work quickly and carefully.

A Quick Torsion Spring Adjustment

Sometimes a quick adjustment is all your garage door spring needs. In this case, our technicians will provide a simple but effective torsion spring adjustment to ensure that they are working properly.

Do you want the very best care for your garage door torsion spring in Surrey? Pick up the phone and give us a call! We promise to provide same day repair service with a big smile.