Garage Door Maintenance

When garage door maintenance Surrey services are regularly planned with our company, problems are truly prevented and so do accidents caused by wear. Not only do we assign expert techs to maintain garage doors but pros dedicated to doing their job thoroughly and correctly. No matter what garage door type or brand you own, the pros have serviced them before. They are very experienced with all styles and types but still pay attention to the needs of your rollup or sectional door. Their focus on details and the overall professionalism of our company are what ensure the quality of our garage door maintenance service in Surrey, British Columbia.Garage Door Maintenance Surrey

Troubleshooting garage doors to inspect problems is the first task

The pros start their inspection with garage door troubleshooting. This task gives them an idea of the system’s overall condition. While they inspect each part, they pay attention to its possible weaknesses in order to fix them. Do the tracks need alignment? Do they need cleaning? Do they springs need to be tensed? The techs clean old lube residues and remove debris before they lubricate again. They check the fasteners and tighten the loose ones before they align the sensors or tracks.

The pros do the required garage door adjustments

The techs do any garage door adjustment needed. It’s vital that the garage door opens and closes all the way, moves at the right speed, and is balanced. And so the techs have their hands full when it comes to adjustments. Then they test the opener and its safety features to ensure you will be protected from accidents should there is a problem with the door. And so they check and if needed, fix the reverse safety system and align the sensors. They take a look at the release cord and make sure the opener is responsive to the remote control and the motor works as it should. Garage door maintenance is performed with great care so that it will yield results.

Trust our company for garage door maintenance

Why should you call Surrey Garage Door Repair for maintenance? When the pros are done, the garage door becomes noiseless and moves smoothly. Since all parts are properly serviced, they perform well and so last longer. All such tasks lead to your satisfaction. Garage doors perform, close, and open as they should and so you save money and avoid hassles. So, next time you feel it’s time for garage door maintenance in Surrey, just place a call to us and leave the service to the experts.